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1UP 5th Year Anniv. -- REVIEW [January 10th, 2008]
Posted by: Xer0 January 11 2009 01:36:57 PM
Hello everyone! :D

Hope everyone had a good time @ 1Up, despite of crazy crowds, massive heat ventilation, finding a way to get through people, witnessing a few things, and just exploring the huge venue (felt huge because I'm a n00b at this place)!

At any rate...

It was a pleasure and awesome time, thank you Addicted for giving us Guestlist, thanks Obvious for the ride, Aryan it is always a pleasure to see you & hang out with you, we need to do this again if ever down, we had a lot of fun.. it was great seeing so many faces, DJs, friends.

The entire night, personally, the music was bumpin'-- the sound was quite awesome, the set up and props were pretty sweet, Nintendo theme :D Met Darude, saw Blakemore, Thee-O, J. Splat, a quite a few other DJs that knew who I was, is always fun, spending time in the VIP was pretty sweet too :)

The vibes were mixed from earlier the night, I do not know if there was one or not, bBut people were dancing their asses off, enjoying music, lightshows, I guess you can say; for an interesting fresh venue.

I don't know what else to say.. ?

I had my own share of fun.. hope everyone else did.. or so tried.

Peace w/Much Respect,
Xer0 & Obvious

End of the World
Posted by: Obvious December 30 2008 08:22:22 PM
End of the World Pictures

Angerfist rocked the house!

Nightmare B4 XMas -- Dec. 20th, 2k8 REVIEW!
Posted by: Xer0 December 22 2008 09:09:47 AM


got Hardstyle? If you don't GTFO!! haha. Just kidding.

This night was an unexpected night for me to go, and Obvious I thank you again! I don't know what to say about this party, I know its Obvious some kinda special gig, seeing Thee-O in his Santa outfit, was great, which in fact I feel like I forgot to take a photo of us 3 (Me, Obvious, and Thee-O) in our Santa Suits! DAMN IT!!

Oh well..

This party was hard, pounding, HARDSTYLE!! I mean wow, I havent' heard so much of this stuff till I started listening to it back in 2001.. (it's been that long, yup!) :) It was great seeing you Binx, sorry to hear what happened though..

combining photos, we got well over 1,000 photos; so please, be patient! 8)

At any rate, it was a well done party, it was great seeing a lot of you guys and such :)

Have a wonderful Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years to all! :D

-Xer0 & Obvious

Merry XMas -- Dec. 19th, 2k8 REVIEW!
Posted by: Xer0 December 22 2008 09:05:09 AM
Merry X-Mas Pictures

Merry XMas and Chris Leone party was a chill, good pumpin' party. It was a great pleasure, to go with you Obvious, and I thank you! hehe.

It was a real pleasure to meet you Sky, kind of trippy you sort of know us, of who we are, haha.. stalker.. just kidding :lol: This party set up was good, the sound was bumpin' made my hearing go mute for a good few hours to get it back.. (not saying my ear is damaged lol! God forbid!)

But honestly. . . it is always a pleasure to see people I know, and just having fun and taking photos.

Hope you guys enjoy the photos!

Xer0 & Obvious

Elf's Toy Shop
Posted by: Obvious December 14 2008 11:55:27 PM
Elf's Toy Shop Pictures

Elf's Toy Shop was pretty chill. I really like the venue that they're using. Sorry that I was late and sorry that I left early. I have not been feeling very well and Friday night it hit me and took me out of the game. Hope you all enjoy the pictures and I hope you all had fun! :D